Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Flour Enterprises Inc. submits proposal to build the first leg of the Trans Texas Corridor


June 30, 2003

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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A proposal to build high-speed toll roads, rails and utility lines from North Texas to the border with Mexico is entering a new phase.

Late last year, a consortium led by Flour Enterprises Inc. submitted a proposal to build the first leg of the Trans Texas Corridor , which is Gov. Rick Perry's plan to connect the state with 4,000 miles of high-tech transportation lines.

Thursday, the Texas Transportation Commission agreed to seek competing proposals. Companies are being asked to compete with Flour by submitting their ideas for building a new network of roads, rails and utility zones that would roughly parallel Interstate 35, Interstate 37 and planned Interstate 69. The commission will evaluate the bids and select finalists, Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Gabriela Garcia says.

Overall, the corridor is expected to cost up to $183 billion. The money is expected to come from bond investors and be repaid by tolls.

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