Tuesday, March 09, 2004

CorridorWatch Web Site from Fayette County

Corridor foes use Internet as soapbox

March 8, 2004

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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Residents of Southeast Texas have created a Web site to express their opposition to the state's plans to build a 4,000-mile network of toll roads and high-speed trains known as the Trans Texas Corridor .

The site, www.corridorwatch.org, offers links to legislation, testimony and statewide news articles about the plan, which is the brainchild of Gov. Rick Perry.

The site also provides a list of public officials and their mailing addresses, and encourages readers to write letters opposing the corridor , which is estimated to cost $175 billion or more during the next 50 years.

Linda and David Stall of Fayette County are the Web site managers.

The Texas Department of Transportation's Web site is www.dot.state.tx.us

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