Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Who audits these folks?"

Letters to the editor

Toll roads aren't worth rising costs


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Maybe it is time for an investigation of the Texas Department of Transportation's San Antonio office, District Engineer David Casteel and Texas Transportation Commission Chairman Ric Williamson. These people have lied to the public in their toll road briefings about the 22-mile system proposed for San Antonio.

Start with the original briefing at Reagan High School, where we were told this toll road plan was the only viable way to go (after they looked at all the alternatives, none of which were presented) and it would cost $450 million. Then these same people quietly increased their estimate to $600 million. Now we find out they left out parts of the cost and it will be more than $800 million.

These people are in charge of the system (and our money) and they can't even compute the true costs (which will probably be $1 billion when they talk to us next)? If this was a federal office, we would have a congressional investigation, but who audits these folks?

It is time to clean house and start over. The toll roads will cost a lot more than they are worth to us and we don't want them. The Texas Toll Party ( has been trying to give us the real facts. We need to listen.

Bob McKechnie

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