Monday, August 29, 2005

"The TTC will be a disaster for us and Austin does not care."

Oppose corridor in Wharton County

August 29, 2005

Editor, the Advocate: Why Wharton County folks need to speak up now regarding the Trans-Texas Corridor:

Millions of our tax dollars are being spent now to fund a traveling menagerie of consultants and engineers who are crisscrossing the state to sell the TTC propaganda to the people. Plans are moving forward, and the Wharton County section of the TTC is in the "environmental study" phase.

If the "study area" that parallels U.S. Highway 59 is chosen as the TTC path between Wharton and El Campo, most of the farms north of U.S. 59 will be wiped out when the land is taken for the TTC. Larger farms will be split in half by the 1,200-foot corridor, and farmers might have to go for miles to find a crossing to get to the other half of their farm.

Since the TTC will be elevated so it will not flood, where will all that displaced water go? Yes, it will flood more of Wharton County than has ever been flooded before.

The state is taking our land to generate income, leasing it to private interests, and then they will turn around and boast how they did not raise taxes.

There will be limited access, at least one exit/entrance every 20 miles. That would probably mean one exit for Wharton and one for El Campo. We proud citizens of the Pierce area can forget it. Additionally, with food and gas being sold at TTC service centers, local businesses can forget it as well.

For those of you who live near U.S. 59 now and live with the traffic noise, imagine living next to this thing.

You can go online to www.keeptexas and submit your comments there. Today is the deadline. Also copy your comments to Glen Hegar and Kenneth Armbrister. Get more facts at web sites such as and www.transtexascorridor.blogspot. com.

In the next election, identify candidates, including those for governor, who are against this concept and vote for them. Don't vote along party lines, but vote for what is right for your family, your family land and your local business.

We have a good highway now, U.S. 59, that simply needs to be upgraded and given Interstate status.

The TTC will be a disaster for us as individuals, and Austin does not care.


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