Sunday, August 21, 2005

TxDOT: "The Trans-Texas Corridor will be owned by the People of Texas."

State will own planned corridor

August 21, 2005

Editor, the Advocate:
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I'd like to correct a few errors in the comments Mary Jahn made in an Aug. 16 story in your newspaper on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

The Trans-Texas Corridor will be owned by the people of Texas, not Cintra-Zachry.

That corporation's role will be planning and building it, but the corridor always will be part of the state highway system, not a private road.

And tax dollars will not subsidize Cintra-Zachry. If the corporation borrows money from the federal government, it will be repaid with interest.

Neither will the corporation have any control over what happens to property adjacent to the corridor or who may own businesses along the corridor.

As we have said before, TxDOT encourages public discussion of all transportation issues, but we think it's important to stick to the facts.

MIKE COX, communications manager
Texas Department of Transportation

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