Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Navisota ISD school board goes on record opposing TTC-69

NISD school board also nixes I-69 proposal By Dave Kucifer Examiner Publisher

By Dave Kucifer Examiner Publisher

The Navisota Examiner
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The Navasota Independent School District board of trustees, Monday night went on record opposing the I-69 TransTexas Corridor being proposed by the Texas Department of Transpor-tation.

After hearing NISD Superintendent David Faltys outline some of the proposals which would negatively impact the district, board members approved the drafting of a resolution stating their opposition to the route, which if selected and approved, would divide Grimes county in half.

Faltys explained that while construction of the proposed route is probably many years in the future, it would impact several areas of the district. Chiefly is the fact that all right-of-way purchases would result in the district losing tax revenue from the land purchased. Since the proposal is still in the planning stages there is no estimate to the amount of acreage the district would lose.

In addition to the lost tax revenue, the corridor would create safety concerns since there would be limited access across the county and there are no provisions for overpasses or underpasses along the route.

In other action the board accepted the Bank of America's bid for the issuance of $4 million under a program that allows school districts to use bond money for renovations of existing properties and make no principle payments for 16-years.

Under the program the district will only be obligated to pay $3,195,157.12, a savings of over $800,000.

Approval of the District's application was aided by the Navasota Education Foundation to provide $400,000 in contributions over the next 15 years. Donations can be cash, time or materials. Funds from the bonds will be used for renovations at the Navasota primary and at the high school.

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