Thursday, October 20, 2005

Absence of public support for the Trans-Texas Corridor

Corridor not good for area

October 20, 2005

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Even though the headline in the Sept. 17 issue of the Victoria Advocate states, "Luncheon dispels corridor concerns," it appeared from the article that a lot of the concerns expressed by those in attendance were not fully answered in a manner which totally eliminated those concerns.

Also, it appeared from the article that several people in attendance supported the Interstate 69-U.S. Highway 59 project, but there seemed to be an absence of public support for the Trans-Texas Corridor project.

From previous information made public regarding the Trans-Texas Corridor, with its 1,200-foot wide right of way, its highly restricted access, its state-controlled business operations, its designation as a toll road with the tolls as yet undetermined and unannounced, and its proposed use by water marketers to transport water across the state, it would appear that this massive corridor would not be very beneficial to the Victoria area.

On the other hand, the I-69-U.S. 59 proposal using the existing U.S. 59, with its narrower right-of-way requirements, its less restricted access, the possibility of development by free enterprise which would encourage businesses and industries to locate along its route, its freedom from tolls which may become excessive and its limited use to public utilities, would probably prove to be very beneficial to the Victoria area.

In general, the current interstate highway system across the United States has proven to be a very safe and efficient method of moving people and goods across our country with as little interruption to our communities as possible. Will the Trans-Texas Corridor do likewise?

It seems that now the time has come to let our elected representatives know our views about this important transportation project.


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