Friday, October 14, 2005

TTC: The 'Great Wall of Texas' or Redistricting on Steroids?

Opinion: ‘Cintra en Texas'

Waco Tribune-Herald
Copyright 2005

Researching the Trans Texas Corridor on the Internet, I looked up Cintra, the company from Spain which has the contract to build it.

Its Web site,, is in Castillian Spanish, but has an English version. An article, “Cintra en Texas” features an artist's rendition of what proposed projects would look like in 20 years.

Looking through its press releases, one can read about Cintra's purchase of the Chicago Skyway and gaining a 44 percent return on its investment in only seven months.

On the Web site, I found out that Cintra has a contract to build a toll road between Dallas and Fort Worth. Its parent company, Gruppo Ferrovial, also recently purchased Webber Corp., a Dallas-Houston based company that recycles road construction materials.

After reading this, I reviewed Texas Constitutional Amendment Proposition 1, which could allow tax dollars to move private-corporation rail lines into the Trans Texas Corridor.

The corridor, with Cintra at the controls, could become the Great Wall of Texas, or maybe just redistricting on steroids.

Don Garretson


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