Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quantm hype is used to promote transportation route planning of TTC-69

Alaska Transportation Agency Signs Term Contract with Quantm

November 29, 2005
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LAS VEGAS-- Quantm Ltd., today announced that it has signed a Term Contract (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity, IDIQ) with the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), providing Alaska DOT&PF regions and their project managers with fast and easy access to the Quantm route optimization system.

Quantm's route optimization system dramatically improves the process of integrating the information that comes from the various agencies involved in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process into transport infrastructure planning. The result is reduced environmental impacts, improved relations with stakeholders and the local community, and a substantially curtailed planning cycle.

Following the successful application of the system on road and rail projects across America, including the 1,000 mile I-69/Trans-Texas Corridor study and Blanket Master Purchase Order with Texas Department of Transportation, ADOT&PF has established a process that will encourage its staff to apply the system and deliver the environmental, public involvement, time and construction cost reduction benefits to the state and people of Alaska.

The Term Contract runs for two years to July 31, 2007 with three annual options for renewal, and is envisioned to help manage the sensitive consultation processes, demonstrate compliance with NEPA and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act, and deliver the most cost-effective alternatives.

Jeff Ottesen, Director - Division of Program Development said, "It is imperative that we protect the environment and respect the needs of our communities as we develop the infrastructure essential to meet the demands of our citizens."

"The Quantm system will allow our project teams to integrate these factors with the engineering standards required to provide safe transportation, and demonstrate an investigation of all feasible alternatives."

A Notice of Intent To Award A Single Source Contract For an Automated Optimization System For Corridor/Alignment Studies was advertised in January 2005 to ensure that no other technology could provide the same capabilities and benefits. No competing project was brought to the state's attention after this notice.

About Quantm Ltd.

The Quantm system for route alignment selection addresses the shortcomings of the conventional approach to transportation route planning by allowing transportation planners to integrate environmental, community, cultural, engineering and cost factors into a single analysis. By integrating the large amounts of data required by agencies involved in the environmental protection process in the United States, Quantm helps achieve the objective of reducing project impacts on the environment, including demonstrating that "all reasonable alternatives" have been considered as required by NEPA and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act. Where comparison has been possible with alignments derived using the conventional approach, project teams that have applied the Quantm system have also delivered alignment construction cost savings of 10% to 25% on highway projects and as high as 40% on rail projects.

The system has been successfully applied on road and rail projects worldwide, including Alaska, California, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, Arkansas, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Louisiana, Alabama, Delaware, Michigan and Idaho along with Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China. Visit www.quantm.net.

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