Monday, January 30, 2006

Texas Transportation Commission wish list for 2007


2007 legislative wish list in works

Jan. 30, 2006

By Gordon Dickson
Fort worth Star-Telegram
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The Texas Transportation Commission is already putting together its wish list for the 2007 legislative session. Here are some examples:

Find money to move freight rail lines out of populated areas, including Tarrant County.

Issue fraud-proof temporary tags for newly purchased automobiles.

Improve planning at the county level for transportation, including Trans-Texas Corridor toll roads, rail lines and utilities.

Seek other transportation funds, possibly from motor-vehicle user fees, fines, bonding and debt financing.

Seek authority to issue bonds to buy existing toll roads and bridges.

Create a way to resolve disputes with private toll-road contractors.

Allow sobriety checkpoints.

Allow cost to be considered before deciding which engineers, architects and other professionals firms to hire for a road project.

Expect changes to the list in the coming months. Commissioners plan to discuss the subject at most monthly meetings through December. To keep track, go to

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