Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hagar the Horrible? -- Trans-Texas Corridor backers give $500,000 to defeat David Stall in the Republican primary

Highway and land developer lobby rushes to assist Hegar in Senate race

Since January Senate candidate Glenn Hegar has received a surge of campaign contributions from highway contractors, highway engineers, railroads, land developers, home builders, and even a well known water marketer.

Between January 1, 2006 and February 25, 2006 the Hegar campaign has received a windfall of contributions totaling $504,042.38. That’s a lot of money.

These names and organizations in particular are worth your attention:

  • Union Pacific Corp Fund for Effective Govt, Washington, DC $5,000
  • James Pitcock, Houston (Chairman of TxDOT contractor Williams Brothers Construction) $2,500
  • Robert Lanham (VP of Williams Brothers Construction) $1,000
  • Zachry Construction Corp PAC (of Cintra-Zachry fame) $1,000
  • Boone Pickens, Dallas (Mesa Water and more) $2,500
  • Richard Weekley, Houston (Weekley Properties) $2,500
  • Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (Richard Weekly Chairman & CEO) $50,000
  • Bob Perry, Houston (Perry Homes) $35,000
  • Future of Texas PAC (James Leininger funded PAC) $25,000
  • Harold Simmons, Dallas (Owner of Contran, worth a Google search!) $5,000
  • Robert Johnson (Austin attorney & lobbyist) $10,000
  • Hillco PAC (Another worth a Google search!) $2,500
  • Michael Toomey, Austin (Attorney & former Gov. Perry chief of staff) $1,000
  • Larry & Chad Johnson, Houston (Johnson Development Corp) $2,000
  • HomePAC of Texas (Texas Assn of Builders) $3,500
  • Home PAC (Greater Houston Builders Assn) $2,000
And the list goes on, and on …….

Accepting some of these contributions seem at odds with Hegar's oft repeated public claims of opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor and concern for private property rights. Many of his new found supporters have a vested interest in highways, railroads, land development, and water. Mostly however they have an interest in exercising power and influence over our elected officials.

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What are these contributors buying? Why the sudden interest in Hegar?

Of course Glenn is running against a very well know anti-corridor activist. Could that be a factor?

These contributors didn’t throw this kind of money at Hegar as a candidate for his House seat.

It's a shame that Austin lobbyists, PACs, and the extremely wealthy can effectively exert such stunning influence over the public selection of elected officials.

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