Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Perry is the only one running for Governor of Texas who thinks the Trans-Texas Corridor is a good idea."

TTC would bypass Milam County

By Curtis Chubb
The Cameron Herald
Copyright 2006

TTC-35, the planned Trans-Texas Corridor which parallels Interstate 35, will not include any part of Milam County according to information released by the Texas Department of Transportation last week.

The 800-mile long TTC-35 is described as being up to 1,200-feet wide with six lanes for passenger vehicles, four lanes for trucks, six rail lines, and a 200-foot utility zone.

The map accompanying this article reveals that of the alternative routes, number 5 (shown in blue) has been selected as the "preferred route."

A 4,000-page draft environmental impact statement signed by TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration shows that the narrowed study area lies slightly to the east of and incorporates the southern half of I-35. The statement and maps can be accessed by going to

TxDOT's release stated: "The narrowed study area was identified as the preferred option because it best supports the purpose and need for TTC-35 and incorporates the most miles of existing highways and rail, 195 and 214 miles respectively - an important factor according to public comments received."

More public hearings will be held this summer throughout the study area. Dates, times and locations of the hearings will be released by TxDOT in the near future.

The Trans-Texas Corridor started out as Rick Perry's dream in 2002, and it appears that Perry is the only one running for Governor of Texas who thinks the Trans-Texas Corridor is a good idea.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Independent, said that the Trans-Texas Corridor is "is "the beginning of the largest land grab in Texas history and runs down the heart of Texas... The only way to stop this is to change the leadership at the top... it should not be forced on communities that reject it."

Chris Bell, Democrat, said: "The Trans-Texas Corridor is a product of the culture of corruption. Rick Perry's toll road boondoggle doesn't make any sense except for the road builders who've poured money into his campaign coffers."

Kinky Friedman, Independent, said: "The Trans-Texas Corridor is a greedy land grab. Financing is completely screwed-up with Texas losing money. It is unfair to the property owners of Texas."

In addition, Milam County Judge Frank Summers does not support TTC-35. When asked for a comment about the announcement that TTC-35 will not go through Milam County, Summers said on Monday: "That's great news for Milam County and Milam County landowners. But not so great for those counties that will be affected."

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