Thursday, April 27, 2006

"This is the wrong road being built and forced on citizens for the wrong reasons."

Kudos for Chubb

Subject: Trans-Texas Corridor

April 27, 2006

The Cameron Herald
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I am writing to thank staff writer Curtis Chubb for his story on the Trans-Texas Corridor regarding the release of the Environmental Impact Study last week by TxDOT. My concern is that the caption, "TTC Misses Milam" may be misleading. It's true that Milam does not fall within the preferred route shown. But, the effects of this highway as proposed will impact our entire state and should not be taken lightly.

I'm a Thorndale High School Class of '70 graduate and a resident of Davilla. I'm also a board member of the Blackland Coalition. The Coalition was formed by local residents in and around the Bell County area as a way to help educate and inform Texans about the TTC. Our continued research shows that this is the wrong road being built and forced on citizens for the wrong reasons.

When HB3588 was passed into legislation, most of us were so busy with our daily lives that we didn't realize all that was entailed in the bill. Unfortunately our legislators failed to fully understand the bill either and many didn't quite understand the sweeping powers given to the Regional Mobility Authority.

We had no idea that under camouflage of transportation needs, a deal would be made with a foreign company (Cintra) to create a plan to divide our entire state.

When the Dubai World port deal surfaced American's were outraged and it was ultimately placed on hold. Now Texas legislators have authorized turning over control of a major portion of our transportation infrastructure to a Spanish company for the next fifty years. Many residents are still standing by idly and allowing it to happen.

Residents should thank the Thorndale City Council and Milam County Commissioners for signing a resolution against the TTC. They realize that this plan is not the answer to addressing our transportation needs.

My concern is now that Milam is not in the direct path, folks will feel like they can sit back with a sigh of relief and not address the damage which will be done by the construction of this monstrous road. Those Texans in the direct path will continue to fight the battle against this huge tax burden and protect the lands our forefathers fought for.

So my plea goes out to you as editor, your staff writers and to every voting citizen in Milam County. Continue to stay informed of the progress of this wrong road. Attend the public hearings and voice your opinions, ask questions and hold our elected officials accountable.

The TTC may be Rick Perry's "dream" but unless we pull together as Texans and fight it may very well turn into our nightmare.

Cindy (Helbert) Miller


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