Friday, May 19, 2006

"Enemies of the Trans Texas Corridor in Central Texas are combining their forces."

Residents Gather to Oppose T.T.C.


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Elm Mott- Enemies of the Trans Texas Corridor in Central Texas are combing their forces.

About a hundred of them met together in Elm Mott on Thursday night.

Residents inside the 10 mile-wide study area are being encouraged to file claims against the T.T.C.'s environmental study.

Any archaeological sites or endangered species on their land may keep it from being used.

Mike Glockzin, the mayor of Hallsburg is considering the idea closely. His city falls inside the study area. He wants his residents to take that kind of action, to prevent any damage to their town.

"We feel like you need to do something now to stop something from beginning, than to wait until it's a finished product and then try to do something about it at that time," said Glockzin.

Landowners at the meeting were also asked to show their discontent at the ballot box, by voting for a gubernatorial candidate that opposes the T.T.C.

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