Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"I think the whole deal stinks."

Perry Announces Toll On Hold For S.H. 121

Governor Says Toll Equipment Needs Further Tests

August 29, 2006
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COPPELL, Texas -- Gov. Rick Perry announced on Tuesday that a plan to begin collecting tolls on state Highway 121 on Sept. 1 is being put on hold.

Perry said tolls will not be collected on the busy highway until after this fall so that the high-tech equipment used to charge drivers can be further tested.

Perry spoke Tuesday morning at Coppell Middle School while taking part in a ceremony dedicating the new highway.

Demonstrators on hand during the ceremony said they were outraged that they were now being asked to pay to use the 6-mile stretch of road.

"Why should we give money to Spain if we couldn't do it ourselves. It seems like Texans are smart enough -- if they want a toll road to fund it, build it and not send the money to Spain. No. 2, why is the contract hidden -- secret? What sort of special deal does Rick Perry have? So, I think the whole deal stinks," said opponent Russ Russell.

Ric Williamson, chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, said his commission decided to delay tolls to test the system and that tolling may not begin until January or even February.

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