Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"It is unthinkable to wipe out acres of farm land so a foreign company can run a Texas highway"

Van Os visits Marlin in bid for AG seat


By Christine Kern
The Marlin Democrat
Copyright 2006

“I spent my career battling on behalf of the little guy,” David Van Os said of his almost 30 year law career. He is preparing to take that experience and knowledge to the Texas Attorney General's office if elected on November 7, 2006.

Van Os, who stopped in Marlin on Wednesday 26, 2006, is opposed to the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), big monopoly businesses and big governments who are not “conducting business with the Texas people in mind.”

“Like I said, I'll fight them until hell freezes, and then on the ice, if need be,” Van Os said.

He is making it clear what he thinks about big businesses such as the oil companies by putting up bulletin boards in Dallas and northern Texas, saying “Notice to big oil: I'm coming after you.” Van Os smiled and said that he hopes to let them know that when he comes after him, it will not be a big surprise.

“You are suppose to tell the people what you stand for, and what you are going to do,” he said. “Big companies are preying on people who work for a living.”

He said he recognizes that everyone is effected by the gasoline prices and if “hired on November 7” he would address the concerns by going after the companies.

“The Texas constitutions give the Attorney General tools to do this, and I will use them.”

Along with addressing big business, he also is concerned about Texas Department of Transportation's TTC, which he named “Trans-Texas Monstrosity. He said that no one in Texas, not only those effected by the proposed route is opposed to the idea.

“It's not just here, it's everywhere,” Van Os said.

He quotes the Texas Constitution's Article 4, Section 22, which addresses the role and responsibility of the Attorney General, stating that he has made numerous requests himself for further information regarding the TTC agreement with the Spanish company Cintra-Zachry. Pointing to the law and the Attorney General's responsibilities, he said if he was elected, he would open the records of the investigation he said would have had to be done because Cintra-Zachry is a foreign country.

“It is unthinkable to wipe out acres of farm land so a foreign company can run a Texas highway,” Van Os said. “We need to stand up for Texas's heritage.”

In his private practice, David Van Os & Associates located in San Antonio, Van Os has spent 30 years specializing in constitutional law, labor law and civil rights, all of which he feels has prepared him if elected. Is also a native Texan, and “don't want to live anywhere else.”

“I say what I mean and mean what I say,” he said with a nod.

Van Os is the democrat candidate running for Attorney General.

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