Monday, August 21, 2006

"TxDOT even went so far as to tell Texans that they could not stop this boondoggle even if they elected a new governor."

Perry politically attacked from two fronts

August 21, 2006
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Two candidates vying for the governor's seat in November attacked incumbent Rick Perry from two fronts.

Chris Bell, the democratic nominee for governor, attacked Gov. Perry from the AFL-CIO headquarters.

Bell said the governor and the Texas Legislature misused Texas state park funds.
Bell said if he was in the governor's seat, he would stop any sale or potential sale of state park land.

He's calling it, the "Good Steward" Parks and Wildlife Protection Plan.

The plan would also keep the state from dipping into Texas Parks and Wildlife's reve

Bell says those revenues were used to help balance the state budget instead.

"Rick Perry and the Legislature didn't appropriate that money because they played a shell game to balance the budget. It's our money and not using it for the stated purpose is fraud," said Bell.

Bell said there's at least $126 million available to help Texas parks in the Texas Enterprise Fund.

That fund helps create jobs in Texas.

Some Texas Enterprise Fund money was used to help jump start Cabela's in Buda and Fort Worth.

Independent candidate for governor, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, attacked Perry's support of the Trans-Texas Corridor plan.

Comptroller Strayhorn blasted Gov. Perry saying he puts special interests first.

She criticized the current Trans-Texas Corridor plan focusing on its destruction of farm and ranch land.

Strayhorn says if she were in the governor's seat she would focus on different options including an expansion of I-35 using existing right of ways.

"TxDOT ignored the overwhelming majority of people who testified against the Trans-Texas catastrophe. They even went so far as to tell Texans that they could not stop this boondoggle even if they elected a new governor. Well they're dead wrong," said Strayhorn.

Strayhorn emphasized telecommuting as a way to reduce pressures on I-35.

And if she were governor she promised to appoint an inspector general to look into waste and fraud at the Texas Department of Transportation.

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