Tuesday, November 21, 2006

183-A Toll Road: "They've lied about everything at every turn."

Neighbors feel betrayed over tollway

Residents of Forest Oaks Subdivision in Cedar Park are concerned about how a new toll road will impact their neighborhood.


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Highway 183-A between F.M. 1431 and Brushy Creek Road, which is north of Lakeline Mall, runs through the neighborhood.

Tuesday night, residents planned a meeting to air their concerns. Several residents say they feel like they are getting run over by this project.

"They've lied about everything at every turn," said Kent Ambrose, resident. Ambrose wasn't happy when construction on the 183-A tollway began in his back yard. As work progressed, his anger only grew.

Ambrose says he expected the road-bed behind his house would not be elevated but would cut lower than the subdivision. He also expected sound proof walls to be higher than 12 feet.

And the latest shocker, these metal power poles next to the homes. The poles run the entire length of the 183-A project, which is part of an agreement with Pedernales Electric.

Some residents got really upset when they saw buried electrical lines to the tollway office. The toll authority spent $60,000 have underground utilities. Why? Because the office building will have a metal roof. That doesn't sit will with some.

"We had no idea the poles were going to be there... come home from work one day and there, there," said Cindy Speck, resident.

The utility pole issue will be discussed next week. As for the sound walls, residents will be offered a compromise.

"It would be very difficult to add to the height of the walls because of the significant cost additions, that would make the walls no longer feasible, therefore, we essentially say we can not build the walls at all," said Steve Pustlnyk, Central TX Regional Mobility Authority.

Instead, extra landscaping buffers will be built. Most will go in near the Brushy Creek interchange.

The meeting with the toll authority is being held at the Community Club House on East Park. It is expected to last until 8.

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