Saturday, November 11, 2006

"If this is Gov. Rick Perry's 'legacy,' he will not be remembered with any fondness by the citizens of Texas."

Focus: Trans-Texas Corridor


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What about farmers' fate?

Re: "To corridor foes, it's city vs. farm" (Nov. 5):

Rick Perry has yet to think of all the consequences of his Trans-Texas Corridor project and is certainly not thinking of the citizens this will affect.

Will he be there to watch the rancher and the farmer sign away their livelihood? Is he going to find cushy office jobs for these men and women who have known only cattle ranching and farming? Will he be there beside the mother when her son's grave has to be pulled from the ground because the cemetery he's buried in is in the path of the new toll road? Will Perry be there when small South Texas towns are ripped in two by pavement?

No! Perry won't be there, as will none of the supporters of this dreadful TTC project. Citizens of Texas must act now to stop this awful plan before Perry gets his way and life is forever ruined in our great state.

—Stephanie Crisp-Nickell, Artesia Wells

Plan is disliked statewide

Dick Gephardt missed the point in his comment "Public-private links can be beneficial" (Nov. 5). The Trans-Texas Corridor is not just a Republican issue that is "dividing us as partisans." To the contrary, it is disliked statewide in Texas. I am a Republican, and I think this is the biggest hustle ever brought to this state. I have friends who are Democrats, Libertarians and independents, and they feel as angered as I do about the TTC.

If this is Gov. Rick Perry's "legacy," he will not be remembered with any fondness by the citizens of Texas.

—Pat Pizzini

Farms, small towns are toast

How much is Dick Gephardt getting paid to endorse the Trans-Texas Corridor? Or could it be that he, like President Bush, buys into the "North American Union" plan to erase our borders with Mexico and Canada and become one country?

Proponents of the TTC paint a rosy picture but always fail to mention the 1 million people who will lose their homes and property to this NAFTA toll road. They always fail to mention the noise, pollution and environmental damage resulting from TTC.

Rick Perry makes a feeble comparison between TTC and Farm to Market roads. Farm to Market roads are usually two-lane roads, nowhere near the monster highway that TTC will be. How many people were displaced by Farm to Market roads? I'd like to see the comparison.

If the Trans-Texas Corridor was planned to run right through the middle of San Antonio, would the newspaper still print such glowing endorsements of TTC? I am still waiting for the Express-News to reveal the very negative side of TTC.

Why doesn't the newspaper interview those who stand to lose their homes, farms and ranches? Why doesn't it write about the many small towns and communities along Interstate 35 that will be obliterated by TTC?

Readers deserve to know the downside of Perry's dream toll road.

—Anna Mae Rooks, Natalia

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