Friday, January 05, 2007

Austin Toll Party mobilizes "Knock-Out Punch” campaign


Citizens Group Forms Flier Brigades to Stop Phase II Tolls

Public Feedback Deadline Nears


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AUSTIN – After nearly 30 months of attempting to stop Central Texas Phase II tolls from charging drivers on Hwys 71, 290, 183 and 360, citizen group declares they are ready to deliver the Double Tax Toll “Knock-out Punch” with a well planned campaign. CAMPO Phase II

Re-Vote is coming soon with public feedback ending Jan 17th.

WHO/WHAT: Flier Brigades

WHEN: Friday, Jan. 5th 2007 at 4:00pm

WHERE: Ben White (Hwy 71E) and Montopolis and other East Austin intersections.

The heat is on; the re-vote for CAMPO Phase II is approaching quickly with public feedback
opportunities ending on Jan 17. will mobilize volunteers until then with its “Knock-Out Punch” campaign by hitting the streets to spread the word on how Phase II toll will permanently shift public expressways to tollway for the first time in the country.

As a part of the “Knock-Out Punch” campaign, ATP released a scathingly funny video, called “Circle of Payola”. The online video stars local elected officials and was released yesterday (Thursday) at Just hours after its release, the new online cartoon was deemed viral after well over 1,000 visitors have viewed the piece.

The group was created as a means to influence the wrongful doings of representatives who ATP says 'represent special interests, not the people.’ founder, Sal Costello said, “The politicians take our tax dollars, pay for toll roads and then claim they’ve run out of money to build freeways. That’s highway robbery!”

After its creation in 2004, has claimed various victories including South MoPAC at Wm. Cannon tolls being pulled from the Phase II plan. “The SW Austin community saves millions of dollars a year, by not having to pay a toll for stretch of MoPAC we’ve already paid for. We seek to remove 71E and 183S tolls from the plan next, as they are 100% paid for as well” Costello said.

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