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"Texas had a chance to get rid of Mr. Perry, but it's still sleeping or just stupid."

Your thoughts on Gov. Rick Perry

February 18, 2007

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Here comes the flood

Re: "Water Can't Wait – Austin needs to designate reservoir sites now," Monday Editorials.

What Gov. Rick Perry meant to say: "I support legislation that establishes more than 20 reservoir sites in statute because securing viable water supplies is vital to [attracting more and more people to] the state."

What Mr. Perry needs to do is stop encouraging Los Angeles-like overpopulation in northeast Texas.

Billy Hallmon, Dallas

Hog-wild since election

Re: "I'm just not buying what Perry's selling," by Steve Blow, Feb. 11 Metro.

I agree with Mr. Blow. Gov. Rick Perry acts like the November election was a tremendous mandate that validated his judgment. In reality, he probably would not have won had the field not been so fragmented.

I strongly oppose his proposals. They are all suspect as to his motives and the impact on our state. I surely hope we have enough sane legislators in Austin to put the brakes on him.

L.A. West, Dallas

Coincidence or nepotism?

Re: "Perry's son hired by firm consulting on lottery – Exclusive: Correlation denied, but company stands to gain from sale," Tuesday news story.

Gosh, what a coincidence. Craig McDonald, director of Texas for Public Justice, was quoted in your article as saying, "It's not always easy to pick your way through opportunities when you're related to the governor."

While that may have some validity, I would suggest that it's apparently easier.

Jeff Supulski, Carrollton

Their astonishing arrogance

As an Alaskan visiting the great state of Texas, I was thrilled after reading about Gov. Rick Perry that we just threw our governor out, Frank Murkowski. He was a bum, not unlike Mr. Perry.

The arrogance these people show is unbelievable.

Good luck with Mr. Perry and his son.

Ralph J. Beaulieu, Anchorage, Alaska

He must think we're dolts

Clearly, Gov. Rick Perry thinks we are stupid. How else would the same man who campaigned vigorously for requiring high school students to take four years of math and science and for improving higher education now want to do away with the Texas Academy of Math and Science at UNT, robotics research at UT-Arlington and the Center for Applied Biology at UTD?

This same man doesn't think we will notice that his former chief of staff is paid by the company that will gain the most from his executive order that all school girls receive a new vaccine? And whose son is employed by the company being paid to review the possible sale of the Texas lottery?


Cindy Warner, Coppell

Corrupt, collapsing society

What is wrong with Texas government? Gov. Rick Perry wants to sell the lottery to a company that just hired his son. Sounds like nepotism to me. Why and how can Texas sell sovereign U.S. soil to Spain for the Trans-Texas Corridor?

The only person I see benefiting from any of this is Mr. Perry. Now he also has imposed mandatory shots for sixth-grade girls to prevent HPV.

Society is corrupt and collapsing. Chaos and crime seem to be the new world order. Texas had a chance to get rid of Mr. Perry, but it's still sleeping or just stupid.

Steven McNeely, Cedar Hill

Stealing from the poor

Gov. Rick Perry recently proposed an amendment to the Texas Constitution to set aside $3 million per year for 10 years to find a cure for cancer. This would create thousands of jobs in Texas and would be a wonderful thing for Texans and the rest of mankind.

What Mr. Perry did not tell us is that he has orchestrated the reduction of Medicaid coverage for about 60,000 Texas children and adults. These Texans desperately need this coverage for their illnesses, including cancer.

This is one source of the funding for Mr. Perry's proposal and puts these Texans in the position of not being able to be cured of cancer by the research they financed.

Mr. Perry is a hypocrite of the worst kind. We do not need to fund cancer research by taking a pound of flesh out of indigent, disabled Texans.

Rhett Butler, Denton

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