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Giuliani: "Another PPP multi-national opportunist willing to sell out to international toll road companies at the taxpayer's expense."

Macquarie buys Giuliani investment firm

Australian company is leader in leasing U.S. toll roads

March 9, 2007

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

An Australian investment consortium that has been involved in leasing and operating U.S. toll roads now has acquired Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's Giuliani Capitol Advisors.

It's the latest acquisition by Macquarie, which has been investing in leasing and running U.S. toll roads for some time, and recently has branched out into other industries, including the purchase of American Consolidated Media, which publishes 40 community newspapers and shopping publications in nine Texas and Oklahoma communities, for $80 million.

According to Crain’s reporting in New York, terms of the Giuliani transaction were not disclosed, but experts estimated the business could be valued at some $80 million to $100 million.

Giuliani Capital Advisors, which runs out of an office in Atlanta, Ga., and has about 100 employees, was formed in 2004 with an investment estimated at $8 million to $10 million and the acquisition of Ernst & Young Capital Finance LLC.

The Macquarie Group, with some $140 billion under management worldwide, has been an active player in the move to lease U.S. highways to foreign investment capital firms.

The Federal Highway Administration has documented that Macquarie is a major player in the public-private partnerships that the FHWA is promoting as a future means of developing U.S. highway infrastructure.

According to the FHWA, Macquarie has already participated in the leasing of the Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road.

Sal Costello, the founder of and a vocal critic of the Texas Department of Transportation plans to build the Trans-Texas Corridor toll road parallel to Interstate 35, told WND that, "Giuliani has to be viewed as just another PPP multi-national opportunist willing to sell out to an international toll road company that seeks to benefit financially at the expense of the taxpayer."

Costello told WND that he sees Giuliani preparing to focus on his presidential campaign and he is concerned that Macquarie is the investment firm Giuliani chose as an acquisition partner.

"Cutting deals and profiting tens of millions from one of the world's largest toll road conglomerates has to be considered 'getting tight' in any circle," Costello told WND.

"How many billions of dollars worth of our public highways will be converted to toll roads leased by foreign investment firms under a President Giuliani?" Costello asked WND.

WND reported on Jan. 29 that Macquarie had acquired American Consolidated Media which publishes the Texas and Oklahoma periodicals. At that time, Costello told WND that, "Macquarie being allowed to buy these newspapers is just another con job. Macquarie is buying our news organization to hide the fact that they are stealing our land."

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