Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Imagine a huge stinking tollroad in this park."

Critics Want New Vote On Trinity River Plan

March 15, 2007

NBC Channel 5 (Dallas/Fort Worth)
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DALLAS -- A petition about a new voter referendum on the controversial Trinity River plan is circling Dallas.

Critics said the latest toll road plan cuts into the park, which voters approved nine years ago.

They want a new vote on moving the road in November.

"Imagine a huge stinking tollroad in this park, that's the visual alternative, or imagine taking it out. It's pretty simple,” Dallas councilmember Angela Hunt said.

"And I think you're giving some bad information and it's a shame that people are being misled by what you are saying," plan supporter Bill Ceverha said.

Supporters said that there has been enough debate and it's time to build.

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