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"Anything short of a full and uncompromising moratorium will leave the door open and deny the citizens the protection they deserve."

Act Monday; Secure Victory Tuesday!

Another GIANT Step If We Act Quickly.

April 8, 2007

David & Linda Stall, Co-founders
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Texas Transportation Commissioner Ned Holmes has told CorridorWatch that the he expects the 2-year moratorium language of HB2772 to be attached to HB1892 as a friendly amendment.

HB1892 is another toll road related bill that was filed by Rep. Wayne Smith. It bypassed the House Transportation Committee when Speaker Craddick sent it to the County Affairs Committee where it quickly passed out. The purpose of HB1892 is to protect the counties and local toll road authorities from TxDOT abuse.

According to Commissioner Holmes, Rep. Wayne Smith will accept the moratorium language amendment to his bill.

HB1892 is the first item on the Major State Calendar for House Bills on Tuesday, April 10th. If the amendment gets attached and the bill passes it will be a complete end-run around the Krusee Transportation Committee roadblock.

Every Representative Who Supports HB2772 Needs to Throw Their Support to HB1892 and the Amendment on Tuesday, April 10.

During the last two weeks however Williamson, Krusee, and others have been meeting with, pressuring and strong arming your Representatives to withdraw their support for the two-year moratorium. Governor Perry himself held a media event where he warned rural Representatives that if they support the moratorium road projects in their districts will not get done.

One of their most effective approaches has been to convince county judges and commissioners (particularly in Denton, Collin, Tarrant and Dallas) that without the private partner CDAs significant projects may never be done. Of course it is a scare tactic, but it has been working. Judges and commissioners have joined TxDOT in lobbying their Representatives and Senators to oppose or weaken the moratorium fearing the loss of their road projects.

You Can Counteract Their Improper Influence.

Despite the strong fight by TxDOT leadership and the Governor, their are very strong representatives of the people on our side in both the House and Senate. To be effective they need and must get our support.

Compromise now is the same as surrender.

The Texas Legislature gets only one bite at this apple. Time is running out and anything short of a full and uncompromising moratorium will leave the door open and deny the citizens the protection they deserve. Every day that passes increases the power of TxDOT to control the outcome.

Who's In Charge?

Who Will the Legislature Listen to?

Will Ric Williamson Dictate Public Policy?

Or Will Our Representatives Stand-Up For the People of Texas?

CorridorWatch will be watching and reporting.


We Must All Take Action on Monday

The battle on the floor of the House is about to begin.

We are another step closer to stopping the TTC and outrageous private tollroad deals.
111 State Representatives Signed On to HB2772; Now We Need Every One of Them to Support HB1892.

We are not alone. The vast majority of our Senators and Representatives have taken a position of support for a two year moratorium on private toll road agreements. They need our support now more than ever to stay the course.


Time is Critical . . . Call your Representative and ask that they stay the course and strongly support an unconditional 2-year moratorium on private toll road deals.

If you know who your Representative is you can use the Scorecard to find his or her telephone number [CLICK HERE].

If you don't know who your Representative is you can use Who Represents Me? to find out [CLICK HERE].

In Either Case It Is Very Important That They Get a Telephone Call From You on MONDAY.

Your investment of less than one minute can effect the next 50 years.

FORWARD this important message to your friends and family before Tuesday.

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