Monday, April 30, 2007

"The collective voice of the Legislature has said enough is enough. TxDOT is pushing too hard, pushing too far, and too fast. "

HB1892 Appears on House Calendar as Eligible for Consideration Today....

...BUT, Some Reps May Move To Oppose Passage

Bill Supporters Need Our Help

Monday, April 30, 007
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It's not over until it's over.

The Governor's Office and TxDOT are keeping up the political pressure. Resorting to scare tactics and unsubstantiated claims fans of the TTC and other private CDA projects are assaulting the legislature.

Call your State Representative right now, today!

Now is not the time to stumble short of the finish line. HB1892 could be taken up on the House floor today at any time. You really need to make that call NOW. If you don't have your Reps phone number handy click HERE.

They need to hear today that HB1892 needs to be accepted as it, without further discussion that will delay and could kill the CDA and TTC moratorium.

Additions to HB1892 will help protect Texas and Texans.

HB1892 now includes more restrictions, tighter controls and better oversight on Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDA) as well as increased public access and notice requirements.

The FHWA funding threat is just a smoke screen.

The threat letter from FHWA resulting from the efforts of Chairman Krusee contains far more pro private CDA rhetoric than legal substance. Amendments in the Senate have fully resolved any potential issues, if they ever existed.

Legislators should join CorridorWatch in being offended, not intimidated, by this overt attempt by a federal agency to influence this state's legislative process.

The House can join the Senate and send a message that's loud and crystal clear.

The collective voice of the Legislature has said enough is enough. TxDOT is pushing too hard, pushing too far, and too fast. Since the Transportation Commission won't rein in TxDOT, it is necessary that the Legislature take action.

State Auditor Punches More Holes In TxDOT Funding Gap

A report released today challenges TxDOT's gap assessment saying, "it may not be reliable for making policy or funding decisions."

TxDOT's Strategic Plan claims the state is facing an $86 billion transportation funding gap and uses that shortfall as justification for their aggressive advancement of statewide toll and corridor projects.

However, today's report finds an $8.6 billion error and another $37 billion lacks supporting documentation. By any calculation the number has been improperly inflated at least 10% if not much more.

The Auditor found that TxDOT's number are based on self-reported estimates and unsupported assumptions.

This is exactly the kind of loose and careless attention to detail that should worry everyone about TxDOT's rush into public-private partnerships. These contracts will likely saddle generations of Texans with horrific transportation costs and limitations when the very crisis that supposedly demands them may have never existed.

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