Monday, April 16, 2007

"It's time to put a leash on Rick Perry."


Texas trans corridor on a leash


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I haven't lived in Texas long enough yet to pass judgment on Rick Perry, but he is a politician so I assume he's a lying hypocrite who can't be trusted. Some things are true no matter where you live.

Most of us know that politicians rank at about the level of pond scum on the evolutionary ladder, but to be fair, when it comes to intelligence, I'd say they're at about the level of dogs. This is not to say that a politician is as good as a dog, but only that they're about that smart, and often act like them, too.

For example, if you tell a politician about an idea involving billions of dollars, his feeble brain starts to shut down. His tongue hangs out and he starts panting.

If you tell a politician that he can build a huge project and not have to pay for it, his passions will rise up to the extent that he'll begin an amorous relationship with the nearest piece of upholstered furniture. Most of the funds for the Texas Trans Corridor are to be borrowed from the Spanish company Cintra-Zachry and our Governor could not be happier.

If you give a politician the power to control other people's lives and put his stamp on the future, he'll get so excited that, well, let's just say that his secretary will need to keep a carpet-cleaning service on speed-dial.

We're told that the TTC would be a huge economic boon to the state. We have no way of knowing if that's true, because a politician is saying it. When government and private industry join hands, it's usually because they've discovered that by working together they can fleece the rest of us in a way that neither group could on its own.

Traffic congestion around growing cities is a problem many communities have faced. It's a problem other communities have solved without creating the most expensive construction project in the history of the known universe.

Four thousand miles of super-wide roads criss-crossing the state? Give a company in Madrid the right to “quick obtain” Texas homes, ranches and farms? Pay foreigners for the privilege of driving on our own roads for the next 50 years?

I think it's time to put a leash on Rick Perry, or at least send him out into the yard to play with a rubber ball for a while, to calm him down and let him work off some of that excess energy.

Douglas L. Jones


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