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"Delay gives the Governor and his allies an additional three days to round up votes to block the override."

Multiple reports to deliver toll road moratorium bill to governor's office are unsuccessful

May 4, 2007

by Harvey Kronberg
Quorum Report
Copyright 2007

Moratorium supporters checking to see if Governor for the Day, Senator Mario Gallegos can receive it on Saturday

Rep. Wayne Smith (R-Baytown) tells Quorum Report that multiple efforts to deliver HB1892, the private equity toll road moratorium bill to Governor Perry's office today were frustrated by an absent clerk. Multiple efforts to reach the clerk failed because he left early.

The urgency in delivering the bill is because the clock starts running on a gubernatorial veto when the bill is time stamped as having been received. Once the governor vetoes the bill as expected, it will be a test of legislative will to see if 2/3s actually holds to over ride the veto.

Sources in the governor's office dismiss any conspiratorial explanations and say they will receive the bill on Monday, plenty of time for both the veto and the possible over ride. Nevertheless, the delay gives the Governor and his allies an additional three days to round up votes to block the over ride.

However, an unusual wrinkle popped up this evening. Sources tell us that supporters of the bill are looking into delivering it to Senator Mario Gallegos (D-Houston) tomorrow, while he is Governor for the Day. The spot is generally considered honorary for one senator each session. It requires both the Governor and the Lt. Governor to be outside the state.

The question is whether or not Gallegos' office can receive the bill and time stamp it, therefore starting the clock running.

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