Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Terri Hall: "It's an outrage."

Group Not Impressed With Toll Road Study

June 27, 2007

KSAT (San Antonio)
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SAN ANTONIO -- Building toll lanes on Loop 1604 would have no impact on the environment, a study commissioned by the Texas Department of Transportation revealed.

Despite the results, nearly 400 people who packed a hearing Tuesday night said that the study did little to change their opposition to toll roads.

"Raise your hand if you are against toll roads," one man said, as he attempted to prove his point.

TxDOT wants to build 36 miles of toll lanes from Highway 151 to Interstate 10 near Randolph Air Force Base.

Drivers would pay about 15 cents per mile to ride in toll lanes, TxDOT officials said. Existing non-toll lanes would be free for motorists.

But Terri Hall of San Antonio Toll Party said toll fees are nothing but taxes.

"You've already paid gas taxes to pay for what we drive on today," she said. "Your gas taxes are going to go into building the toll way, so that's a double tax. Then you have to pay a toll to drive on it, that's a triple tax to drive on the same roadway you drive on today. It's an outrage."

Toll road opponents also said there would be plenty of money to upgrade Loop 1604 if the Legislature would use gas-tax revenues for highway construction and not for general projects.

If federal officials approve the project, work could begin in 2008.

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