Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Payola Tollway? The Extortion Expressway?


What would we name the toll road?


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A few months back, a Leander city leader asked one of our staff members if we were going to give the 183A toll road a clever nickname.

On Tuesday of this week, we received an e-mail from someone else in the city regarding an official name change. The sender of that e-mail, who resigned from his volunteer position on Wednesday, said 183A should be given a proper name so it won't be confused with 183 during EMS calls.

Now I can see that. If I'm dying on the scene at Park Street and 183A, I don't want a passerby who calls 9-1-1 to say I'm taking my last breaths at Park and 183.

Some of the suggested names sent to us were: Venture Parkway, Discover Highway, Hybrid Greenbelt (The Green Part of Texas), Endeavor Parkway, Tribute Boulevard and Gov. Ann Richards Parkway.

Back in March, the staff here kicked around a few names. And on Tuesday this week, we thought of more.

You may like some and completely dislike the others. Not everyone will agree on every suggestion.

For example, the Cedar Park folks would not like the name Leander Loop. Nor would the Leander folks like the Cedar Park Scenic Route.

I'm quite sure neither town wants it called the Liberty Hill Turnpike.

There are other possibilities. Try the Hill Country Highway. Others of you more furious with the road (we have the e-mails to prove it) may have other ideas.

How about Extortion Highway? For one of the two confusing exits where it's TxTag only, call it the Conniving Boulevard exit.

It could be called Payola Highway, Powerline Alley or it could be memorialized after any mobster. Actually, I'd probably pay to drive Payola Highway sheerly for the name of the road.

Whatever happens, I believe the road probably should take on a new name. All entities involved with the road would have to agree - which would be not so uncommon anymore.

The cities are changing daily and commerce will soon boom along the roadway. If we don't change the name for identity reasons, let's just make it more understandable for our EMS workers.

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