Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Until the senate and house develop sufficient backbone...Texans will remain at the mercy of this belligerent and totalitarian agency."

TxDOT'S run amok


Peter Stern
Oak Hill Gazette
Copyright 2007

Dear Editor,

A message for Texas Senators: TxDOT has run amok, so what are you going to do about it?

Texans have been watching as TxDOT continues to circumvent your legal authority regarding open government and the people's "right to know" issues. Toll roads are nothing more than the state's imperialistic quest for endless profiteering on behalf of pro-toll special interests.

The consistency of TxDOT is that its top staff is arrogant and abusive "across the board" to the legislature and to Texas communities.

When is the Senate going to use its legal authority to "rein-in" this runaway agency?

What does it take to hold TxDOT accountable to the legislature and to the people of Texas?

Perhaps getting rid of Ric Williamson as Commissioner would be a start in the right direction?

Perhaps saying "No!" to Gov. Perry and his pro-toll special interests would change the tide?

The Sunset Commission is planning to review TxDOT operations in 2009. It would be good if the committee determines to revamp the agency at that time, but it will be of epic negative proportions to permit TxDOT to continue until that time with its ongoing abuse and dictatorial actions throughout Texas communities.

The Senate has first-hand knowledge of and experience with rude behavior from TxDOT top dogs, e.g., TxDOT plans to place cameras above traffic lights despite the legislatures voting against the proposal. TxDOT does what TxDOT wants, period! It's time to change that.

With all due respect, until the senate and house develop sufficient backbone to hold TxDOT and the governor accountable by some very legal actions, Texans will remain at the mercy of this belligerent and totalitarian agency.

It's time to do the right thing! So what are you all waiting for?

Respectfully yours,


Write your Senators and ask the same questions. If taxpaying voters don't push for accountability, who will?


Peter Stern

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