Friday, September 21, 2007

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Trinity tollroad plan 'could change'

September 21, 2007

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The Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Worth has a word of caution tonight for Dallas voters regarding the campaign visuals coming out on the Trinity tollroad vote November 6th.

Nothing is final yet but what does the corps actually mean?

When the NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) released a video of the Trinity tollroad, it cautioned the design is subject to change.

The Army corps of Engineers that makes final approval echoes that.

"It's just a drawing at this moment so, I'm anticipating there will be some changes," said the Corps Gene Rice.

Yet Mayor Tom Leppert claimed voters can see exactly what the proportions are of the road and park in the video.

When News 8 asked Leppert to clarify, given the Corps' position, he answered: "It depends on your definition of exact."

With the campaign rolling over whether to build the tollroad, accuracy is an issue.

For example, the NTTA video shows trees planted in the levee.

Voters against the tollroad, led by city council member Angela Hunt, said that's not allowed.

"We know without question that the Army Corps of Engineers is not going to allow these trees," she said.

But the Corps says the rule isn't absolute.

If more soil overlays the levee, it might allow trees.

That would protect the levee from being penetrated by the tree roots or the vegetation roots.

There's also a question of whether NTTA can put concrete exit ramp piers in the levee as they appear in the video, since they could weaken it.

The alternative, a long bridge over the levee, would cost a lot more.

The Corps rule is no piers within 50 feet of a levee.

"We try to work with them to find a solution for them to still put their road across without endangering our system," Rice said.

As the campaigns for and against the tollroad gear up, the Corps reminds that nothing is exact.

"Nothing has been approved," said Rice.

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