Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"There is much that each of us can do as citizens..."

Grimes County Matters


Mark Holmes
The Navasota Examiner
Copyright 2007

The Blackland Coalition is the largest of the grassroots coalitions fighting against the Trans-Texas 35 & 69 Corridors. It has been our priviledge to become acquainted with the Blackland Coalition leaders and members in the TTC “trenches” that we share.

Some of them, members of and IndyTexans will be joining together with citizens of our counties in attending the schedule of TTC-69 DEIS Hearings which will likely be in February 2008.

Word of the February time frame comes to us from the TTC-69 office of Jack Heiss (Texas Turnpike Authority TTC-69). As soon as an official hearings schedule is available, we will alert the local print/online media and the citizens of Grimes County.

I am attending a Blackland Coalition meeting on Saturday, Sept 22 at 7 pm near Temple and will report back about the issues we share in Waller, Austin, Grimes, & Wharton Counties.

I am also attending the OK-SAFE conference in Tulsa, OK at the last of the month which will address the TTC Corridors in a national context.

The “Truth Be Tolled” documentary has been revised by filmmaker BILL MOLINA with a special Trans-Texas Corridor version. Copies are now available on the website.

There is much that each of us can do as citizens to understand the issues, impact the process, and shape our lives in the counties we call home.

Mark Holmes

© 2007 The Navasota Examiner:

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