Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Really the way to stop this project is by letting people know what it is."

Updated Special Edition of 'Truth be Tolled' Now Available


First Texas, then the nation.

Government has found a new way to make money on public infrastructure.

The plan is not only to convert existing roadways into toll ways without a public vote, but to seize over half a million acres of Texas soil and replace it with a 4,000 mile road, rail and utility network.

Many citizens are crying highway robbery. Corporations stand to profit as lobbyists and lawmakers pave the way for private foreign interests.

The political establishment is not listening to the people--but their voices will be heard.

This award-winning* documentary follows the process as citizens exercise their most important power as members of a democracy: freedom of speech.

Grassroots organizers to working-class Texans, all unite to state their loud opposition. The strongest voices rise from small rural communities whose farms, homes, schools, businesses and churches face the largest forcible eminent domain acquisition in U.S. history.

The Trans-Texas Corridor, the first leg of the proposed NAFTA superhighway, will not only rip the heart out of Texas-- it will kill a way of life that has been in the Lone Star State forever.

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