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“Even after the Austin Chamber of Commerce (Take on Traffic) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a misleading campaign..."

75% of Public Feedback Tells CAMPO “NO TOLLS”

Oct 3, 2007

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Austin, TX - According to the Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) report [.PDF] just released, 75% of the public oppose more toll roads in Central Texas, according to the “Tolling” category of CAMPO’s public comments (1,446 Opposed - 358 For). The public gave comments to CAMPO, over a six week period, via community meetings, public hearings, fax, email and letters.

Opposition to specific toll way projects reach as high as 82%, according to CAMPO’s online questionnaire - with the mega tollway at the “Y” in South West Austin being the most unpopular. Citizen group has been pushing a less costly, non-tolled alternative that is faster to build.

“Even after the Chamber of Commerce (Take on Traffic) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a misleading campaign, that never once mentioned the “Toll” word, the public is still saying no to tolls,” said Sal Costello, founder of, “Sen. Watson has also not been honest with the public. CAMPO chair Sen. Watson, a former Chamber president, uses the same Chamber strategy of not using the “Toll” word, which has been deemed radioactive. Watson, has been pushing the freeway toll plan for months, while telling the public via email and public appearances, he’s opposed to toll roads.”

CAMPO chair Sen. Kirk Watson has set the toll road vote to take place next Monday evening on Oct 8th.

CAMPO and TxDOT have just released documents that confirm $910 million tax dollars (intended for free roads) will be spent to shift portions of 71W, 71E, 183, 290W and 290E to toll ways, under this toll plan.

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