Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TxDOT spends $3 billion in 2007 on office maintenance, salaries, and 'professional services.'

How is Texas Spending Your Tax Dollars?


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You pay thousands of dollars in taxes every year. So where does your money go? The News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters are showing you how the state of Texas is spending your tax dollars.

The toll road debate rages on. The Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT, says the money has run out to pay for new highways here. The agency says toll roads are the future. But how much does TxDOT spend its money now?

For 2007, TxDoT had a budget of nearly $8.7 billion. The agency spent the bulk of the money, $5.6 billion, on highway construction.

The rest of the money, $3 billion was spent on other items, like office maintenance, salaries, and professional services.

When it comes to your child's education, the state spends much more money in the classroom. The Texas Education Agency's (TEA) budget was a grand total of almost $19.5 billion this year. Almost all of it, $18.8 billion, was spent on school districts. That includes public schools, state colleges, and textbooks.

You can also track the governor's finances. The governor's executive office spent $12 million this year, a smaller budget when compared to other state agencies. The bulk of that money, nearly $9 million, went to salaries and wages of office employees.

So how can you find out how the state is spending your money. The Texas State Comptroller has put it all online. You can search by agency, category, even by item... So you see exactly where your money is going.

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