Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"We're getting in the way of their dream to sell off America and sell out America and so we're pigs."


OCTOBER 23, 2007

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GLENN: Last night on the television show I was talking to a guy named Dan Patrick. He's a state senator in Texas, and he offhandedly mentioned something that I wanted to get Pat Gray on the phone from KSEV in Houston. Hello, Pat.

GRAY: Hello, Glenn.

GLENN: So Dan Patrick said to me last night on the TV show as we were talking about Rush Limbaugh and disenfranchisement and how the media took completely disregard to Rush Limbaugh's audience even though Rush Limbaugh's audience is the size of the "New York Times," USA Today and Newsweek magazine combined and how those magazines, or that in particular the New York Times sets the agenda and it has one quarter of the readers that Rush Limbaugh has listeners. And yet it sets the agenda. And Rush's audience is deemed as marginal. It's a band of kooks.

Talk radio is the same: It's a band of kooks. We probably represent 55, 60, maybe 70 million people in America if you combine the talk radio -- the conservative talk radio hosts altogether and yet we're not mainstream enough. A bigger audience than American Idol and we see how American Idol affects our culture and what an industry it is and yet we're dismissed. And it's a dis -- it's an effort to disenfranchise 50 million people, or 70 million people. And Dan Patrick said to me that in Texas, the state where you live, the DOT, the Department of Transportation has actually hired a consultant to figure out how to get around talk radio and how to handle talk radio. Do you know anything about this story?

GRAY: Yeah. Yeah, not only did they have his seminar with his consultant and not only did we pay $24,500 for it out of our tax paying dollars but they wrote it down for all to see. I mean, it's one thing to have a seminar, you know, talk amongst yourself, give some advice, they actually wrote it down.

GLENN: Good.

GRAY: So we have documentation of it.

GLENN: Can you send that documentation to me?

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay. What did it say?

GRAY: Well, they were trying to teach their employees how to deal with talk radio and our callers. So our listeners, yours and mine. And how to avoid questions, how not to answer direct questions they didn't want to answer. It was a whole seminar on that.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

GRAY: And then one piece of timeless advice during the seminar was keep calm, leave wrestling to the pigs. They, meaning us, you know, talk radio hosts and our listeners, always end up looking like pigs. So it was kind of a slap in the face to the people who pay for TxDOT.

GLENN: Can I tell you something? Some talk radio show hosts do end up looking like pigs. Some talk show radio listeners do end up looking like pigs, but I'll tell you that's not talk radio. The people who are fans of Ellen Degeneres and decide I'm going to take this dog issue into my own hands and they call threats in to the adopt a dog place here in New York. But those are the ones that, those are the crazies and everybody --

GRAY: You and I have talked about this many times, Glenn. The vast majority of our listeners are incredibly bright, intelligent. They are good, decent, and if I may coin a phrase from the illegals, hard working people. And they -- but they're just more knowledgeable than your average guy on the street because these issues all matter to them and they study up on them and they read. You've got to be really informed. And so these are the people that they're talking about calling pigs. It's unbelievable.

GLENN: So this is actually an advisor. The guy they hired to advise Texas Department of Transportation, this was actually a rove Confederate, right?

GRAY: Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah. And see, they're upset with talk radio because we've gotten in the way of their agenda. TxDOT actually went to, I think it was New York State to teach other Department of Transportation directors how to sell off their lands to foreign entities like we have done here to this Cintra consortium who is building the Trans-Texas Corridor which as most people know is the first major link in the NAFTA superhighway that --

GLENN: Okay, crazy man. Okay, crazy man.

GRAY: Conspiracy, isn't it? Look out the window. They're building it today.

GLENN: Yeah, they're building the conspiracy right there.

GRAY: Yeah, the conspiracy is under construction.

GLENN: It's well hidden conspiracy.

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: No one will ever think to look for this conspiracy right here on the 1400-lane highway.

GRAY: Nobody would. Nobody -- right in plain sight. That's where they're hiding it. So we're getting in the way of their dream to sell off America and to sell out America and so we're pigs and they don't like it and so they're having to do seminars on how to get around the questions and avoid the questions and not answer things and it just showed total lack of respect they have for the people paying the bills.


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