Monday, November 19, 2007

"When you've got a body with a majority of unelected members voting on this, they're not going to vote to take themselves out on this final decision."

Injunction Sought To Stop Toll Rates Vote

TURF Files Lawsuit In Federal Court

November 19, 2007 (San Antonio, TX)
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SAN ANTONIO -- An anti-toll group filed a petition in federal court Monday seeking a injunction to prevent a vote on toll rates.

Members of Texans United for Reform and Freedom held a news conference in front of the federal courthouse in San Antonio to announce the filing of the lawsuit.

TURF founder and executive director Terri Hall said the legal action is needed to stop a Dec. 3 vote by the San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization on toll rates for Highway 281.

The lawsuit also aims to prevent all activity by the board until it's reconfigured to have only elected officials. Currently, the board is appointed.

"This board is broken. And the only way to fix it, we think, is to have a court step in and force a change because we've tried everything else," Hall said. "And frankly, when you've got a body that's got a majority of unelected members that are voting on this, of course they're not going to vote to take themselves out of the running for a vote on this final decision."

Hall also said that the Texas Department of Transportation is keeping other important financial aspects of the toll road project from MPO board members prior to the vote.

An MPO attorney didn't want to comment on the lawsuit, saying he hadn't had time to review it.

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