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Texas Farm Bureau comments on TTC: "We intend to continue turning over all the rocks to see what crawls out."

TFB President Launches Yearlong Effort To Reform Eminent Domain

December 2, 2007

KWTX News (Channel 10)
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Texas Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke challenged delegates to the Farm Bureau’s 74th annual convention Sunday to join in a yearlong effort to reform the state’s eminent domain laws.

Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a Farm Bureau-backed reform bill earlier this year and Dierschke said that legislation would serve as a blueprint for a new measure to be introduced when lawmakers convene again in 2009.

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“The governor’s veto tells us that he does not believe that property owners should be fairly compensated when their property is taken by eminent domain,” Dierschke said.

“Property owners must be treated fairly when property has to be taken.”

Dierschke also reiterated the organization’s opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor project.

“A funny thing has happened on the way to building this boondoggle,” Dierschke said.

“The more people – including some in the Legislature – learn about it, the more opposition it faces. We intend to continue turning over all the rocks to see what crawls out.”

About a thousand Farm Bureau members are attending the convention in Waco, which continues through Monday afternoon.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, also addressed the delegates Sunday.

He pledged to work to improve the $288 billion 2007 Farm Bill, which he said has stalled because of the decision of the Democratic Senate leadership to freeze the measure, blocking amendments.

“While the new Farm Bill maintains and strengthens many important policies that have been helpful to the Texas agriculture industry in the past, there are several new initiatives in this 1,500-page bill that would have a negative impact on Texas farmers and ranchers,” he said.

“As extensive and complex as the Farm Bill is, it would be unwise to prohibit individual senators and members of Congress from improving the bill through amendments,” he said.

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