Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"You do represent us and you'll have to stand up against them!”

Citizens want more action against I-69


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“You don't give TxDOT an alternative. You do represent us and you'll have to stand up against them!” Charles Wynn of Iola urged Grimes County commissioners during a regularly scheduled meeting held on Monday.

Wynn and Ruben Grassl, who lives near Shiro, demanded that commissioners take a stronger stance against TXDOT's proposed plan to cut a path through Grimes County for the creation of TTC/I-69.

“My concern is apathy and the unconcerned attitude from the county in their involvement in stopping I-69 from coming to Grimes County,” Grassl told Commissioners, as both men said they were disappointed in the lack of county representation at a town hall meeting held in Hempstead last week.

Mr. Wynn added that a Brazos Valley Council of Government representative said that Grimes County is supportive of the proposed plan.

County Judge Betty Shiflett responded by saying that someone else had contacted her with that same concern and she is waiting for a copy of the recorded meeting before she formally responds to TxDOT. Shiflett assured citizens that the county is against the proposed route as copies of a December 10, 2007 resolution signed by the Commissioners was made available at the meeting.

According to the resolution, “Grimes County opposes the presently proposed route of the I-69 corridor, which was originally considered for use as a 1200' wide Trans-Texas corridor. This amount of right if way is also opposed by Grimes County, as such corridor would have a significant and far reaching negative impact on the rural character of Grimes County and would result in the loss of thousands of acres of land by rural landowners. However, if this transportation corridor is to be located in Grimes County, the county would prefer an alignment of the corridor with a substantially smaller ROW that maximizes the use of existing corridors, namely State Hwy 6 and State Hwy 30 and their supporting structures.”

Following the meeting, Michael Parks of BVCOG denied the allegation that Grimes County was represented as being for the TxDOT proposal.

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