Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"You'd think anyone serving on [the Appropriations Committee] would keep their own finances in order."

Records show Texas State Rep. Dawnna Dukes failed to pay taxes


Nanci Wilson
Copyright 2008

State representative Dawnna Dukes sits on the most powerful committee of the legislature.

The appropriations committee controls how billions of our tax dollars are spent. Certainly, you'd think anyone serving on this committee would keep their own finances in order.

But, we found that may not always be the case. CBS 42 investigative reporter Nanci Wilson looks at liens, lawsuits and Dawnna Dukes’ defunct company. Watch the video of the full investigation.

Dukes responded to CBS 42's allegations with this written statement:

"In 2005/2006 my business did not do as well as it had in the past or doing now. And, I like many Americans encountered some financial difficulties that led to a hand full of problems. I did not walk away from any obligation and now almost all are behind me. I have handled my financial issues like any other family would. And the thought never crossed my mind to ask for special treatment and I have not. I accept responsibility and am working to meet all of my obligations.

But I want to stress that what happened with my personal business had no impact on my commitment to public service. I wanted the job of State Representative, and still do, and have chosen to make the sacrifice because the people of this district are worth it."

The campaign expenditures in question are legal and fully disclosed per state law.

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