Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Grimes County Get Organized' asks County Commissioners to form a 391 Commission

Commissioners asked to form “391 Commission” against I-69/TTC


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Though some may believe the I-69 Trans Texas Corridor will not be constructed, due to overwhelming opposition and various remarks by TxDOT representatives, a newly formed local group called “Grimes County Get Organized” asked Commissioners on Monday to consider forming a Commission group based on Local Government Code 391; to ensure the currently proposed construction plan through the county is officially stopped.

The idea to form the commission came from a recent informational meeting about how to stop the corridor held in Lufkin, Texas and hosted by Holland Mayor Mae Smith. According to the informational handouts, the East Central Texas Sub-Regional Group formed by Mayor Smith, Mayor Arthur White of Bartlett, Mayor Ronnie White of Little-River Academy and Mayor Billy Crow of Rogers formed the commission in July 2007 and have already had several private meetings regarding I-35/TTC with TxDOT and the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is due to the fact that Government Code 391 stipulates that federal agencies must work with the group that consists of elected officials representing local communities, and ensures they have equal standing on issues, such as how the construction of the proposed corridor might affect the local economy, response times by emergency services, etc.

County Judge Betty Shiflett thanked citizens for the information they provided on the matter, and said it would be researched further prior to any decision.

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