Friday, February 29, 2008

Texas Primary voters can put a pothole in Gov. Rick Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor plan

In Texas, we can vote twice for a Presidential nominee.
Once at the polls, and once at your
precinct caucus Tuesday evening.
This creates a major opportunity for us to help stop the Texas freeway to
toll way conversions and the TTC land grab - IF we work together and act.
Let's effect real change from the grassroots up!

1) Vote early or on Election Day. My two voting tips: When in doubt, vote the incumbent out. If you haven’t done your homework for some races, don’t just guess - just leave it blank.)

2) Go to your precinct polling location Tuesday eve to caucus to vote for your presidential candidate AND bring several copies of each of the 3 important resolutions below - which could become part of the parties platform - the more of us that take the resolutions to our precincts, the better chance we have to get them into both party state platforms!

If you don’t know your Election day precinct polling location you can call your county election division to ask for location and time of caucus/precinct convention.

Or you can find your polling location using one of the web sites BELOW. The caucuses occur after the polls close.

Texas Secretary of State polling & caucus locator: [HERE]

Barack Obama polling & caucus locator: [HERE]

Hillary Clinton
polling & caucus locator: [HERE]

John McCain polling & caucus locator: [HERE]

Mike Huckabee polling & caucus locator: [HERE]

Ron Paul's polling & caucus locator: [HERE]
  1. When you arrive at the caucus they will ask which presidential candidate you support.
  2. The chair will then tally up the votes.
  3. Then the chair will ask for resolutions during other business.
Each resolution will then start it’s journey up the food chain. Go home with a smile on your face knowing that in less than 30 minutes, you helped push some great platform items for your party, and perhaps helped to choose a new president.

Download the resolutions - PDFs by clicking on the links:

Right now you can: Copy and paste the above into an email letter, send it to people you know so they can pass it on. Suggested subject heading: Texas 2-Step Against Tolls & TTC!

If you are a blogger, please feel free to copy and paste this whole article as your own.

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