Monday, March 17, 2008

"TxDOT has no obligation to make any changes, just obligation to listen."

Dozens Come Out to Trans Texas Corridor Workshop


by Jessica Cervantez
KTRE-TV (Lufkin, Nachodoches)
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More than 50 East Texans showed for a Trans-Texas Corridor workshop that lasted for most of the day. They targeted local officials to tell them the role they can play in stopping the development of the Trans Texas corridor if they choose.

Hank Gilbert, the director of the statewide organization TURF, said, "Many local officials don't understand the power they have at their disposal. Local governments have more tools at their disposal than state or federal governments do."

Wednesday is the deadline for comments to the Texas Department of Transportation. Thousands of East Texans have commented on why they oppose the corridor. But, some leaders of the workshop don't believe the public forums will have a huge impact.

Fred Grant, the president of the stewards of the range, said, "No I don't. They are meetings where people come in and where they voice their complaints. TxDOT has no obligation to make any changes, just obligation to listen."

Most East Texans agree that changes have to be made for road improvements. But they are concerned about their property that will be lost, the history of their small towns that could be wiped out, and the environment that could be polluted.

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