Friday, May 23, 2008

"His cronyism would make the Fergusons envious."

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Considering Gov.Perry as Texas CEO

May 23, 2008

Austin Chronicle
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Dear Editor,

If Gov. Perry wants to be considered the CEO of Texas, let us look at what he has done for his shareholders, the citizens of Texas.

Texas ranks at the top in the number of people without health insurance, at the top in the number of high school dropouts (due in part to the necessity for more paychecks in households). He has sold off one of our most valuable assets – land – to foreign interest.

He has pushed for the Trans-Texas Corridor, which will benefit Wal-Mart and China far more than most Texans.

His plan to privatize help for Texas' neediest citizens has been such a failure that even he couldn't ignore it.

He has attempted to privatize government services even though he knew cost would increase.

He has stated that Texas citizens who don't agree with his fanatical Christian beliefs should find somewhere to live.

His fixation on funding for the Boy Scouts would make a Freudian blush.

His cronyism would make the Fergusons envious. If he had been a CEO, he would have been given his walking papers, not a golden parachute, long ago.

Charles Waldrep

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