Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I think we've won a battle, but not won the war."

Legislator Is Confident TTC Is Dead, Landowners More Cautious


by Donna McCollum
Copyright 2008

Nacogdoches County-State Representative Wayne Christian is not backing off his claim about the Trans Texas Corridor. He said from his Center office, " The Trans Texas Corridor, for all practical purposes, is dead. Now, could it come back, sure. " That last part, is what worries landowners. They praise Representative Christian's efforts, but right now are reluctant to celebrate.

Several Nacogdoches County landowners received letters from the governor as late as Friday indicating no change in his position on TTC. Merry Anne Bright with the Piney Woods Alliance said, " Really until Rick Perry says something more definitive about it than that would be another thing for us to look forward to, for him to say something." Christian says the governor spoke to him last week. The political promise has been made. Christian claims, " We could go in the legislative session and spend 5 months of our valuable time dealing with it. The deal is we got from the governor, from the head commissioner and from the executive director an agreement to what we've been asking for."

Nolan Alders doesn't doubt politicians are concerned. " Right here is the reason, 34,000 comments and counting," as he points to his notes. That's a lot of people voicing opposition to the proposed TTC. Yet, the TTC-I-69 advisory committee member remains cautious. Alders said, " I'm very encouraged, now don't misunderstand me. We're going to get there, but I would say to the citizens of east Texas, let's keep pushing with all our might. Let's keep sending comments in and let's just act like it's coming through our door, but I think we're going to make it. "

Change is occurring, but the interpretation of its success is at different levels. Christian contends, "Our victory is definitely legitimate." Alders believes, " I think we've won a battle, but not won the war." Bright said, " I'm not confident that it won't roll on just like it's planned." And until the voters are, the TTC fight will continue.

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