Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Disband TxDOT altogether and start over."

TxDOT In Disarray

July 8, 2008

Jim Joslyn
KSAT (San Antonio)
Copyright 2008

SAN ANTONIO -- It's official. Texas Department Of Transportation really does need to be more accountable, responsive and transparent.

We could all guess what the Sunset Commission finally recognized: TxDOT is out of control and needs to take radical measures to restore trust.

Of course, TxDOT promises to do better, but we'll believe it when we see it.

They may be so far gone that the only way to fix TxDOT's mess is to disband them altogether and start over.

With a Trans-Texas Corridor and toll roads in play, as well as grossly miscalculated budgets, TxDOT needs more oversight now more than ever.

Until they realize they don't get a free ride with the public's money, TxDOT is likely to continue their pattern of mismanagement.

The report makes valid recommendations -- It's now up to the Legislature to act.

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