Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"The economic wave created by the TTC will be as flat as the Blackland Prairie."

TTC won’t be an economic boost


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To the editor:

I salute you for stirring the debate on the ill-conceived Trans-Texas Corridor. However, the explanatory ends do not always justify the means of that debate.

You seem a bit to eager to lead the parade of nattering nabobs of negativism. Your argument that Taylor will not be an economic player unless something is done to counteract the growth of surrounding communities is fundamentally flawed. Nothing short of a depression, or, say, a large physical barrier will stop the economic juggernaut that is Williamson County.

The disgruntled landowners you refer to, have every reason to be upset about the prospect of the TTC splitting their farms. You mentioned all the potential prime commercial real estate that would be born of the TTC. But before you wax your economic surfboard, realize that the economic wave created by the TTC will be as flat as the blackland prairie. Hundreds of miles of the TTC will be devoid of any frontage roads or cross-overs, basically neutering the would be commercial prowess of much of the adjacent land. And, where there are access points, the contractor will likely have exclusive concessionary rights for decades to come.

As for your assertion that the TTC will put Taylor “back” on the map, talk to the fine folks at the Taylor Chamber of Commerce and they’ll tell you that Taylor is and will continue to be on the map. Don’t worry, the growth on the west side of the county will continue to move east, and yes, so will the headaches that go with it, like the need for more infrastructure and more taxes.

So, instead of bringing east and west together in a harmonic utopian convergence, the TTC will more likely become an insurmountable economic wall separating east from west. And we saw how well that model worked for the Europeans with respect to the economic haves and have-nots. Make no mistake, Taylor has been and will continue to be very much a
player in Williamson County. Case in point: Taylor will decide the upcoming legislative race. You referred to Taylor as a whipping boy. Taylor is nobody’s whipping boy, and we do get the big picture!

Bobby Seiferman

Round Rock

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