Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perry: 'Let them eat rice cake'

Trans-Texas Corridor should never be built


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I am enthralled at the number of letters that were generated by Philip Jankowski’s (column) in which he supported the Trans-Texas Corridor, all in opposition to the plan to build this highway.

In a previous (column), the author’s name I can’t remember, it was disclosed that it would take an estimated 50 years to build and at a cost of $200 billion. Now, as things go there are always time delays and cost overruns. My intuition tells me that it might require 60 to 70 years to complete and at a cost of some $300 billion, especially since the price of oil has increased so much and oil is used in the production of road asphalt.

If it takes 70 years to complete the TTC, then most of us will be dead and buried by then. I say they should never even begin this monstrosity of a highway.

What we do not hear very much about this giant highway, which will make its way through Texas and the Eastern United States, running from Mexico all the way to Eastern Canada, is that it is a splendiferous contrivance of the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is somehow supposed to improve international trade between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

I feel there are better ways to promote trade in our Northern Hemisphere.

The Trans-Texas Corridor is Gov. Rick Perry’s pet product, however there are some vital facts being withheld. In a court of law this is classified as “lying through omission.”

If this giant highway is ever completed it will have something in common with the Great Wall of China; it will be visible from the moon. And it’s going to “take the cake” ... rice cake.

Frank L. Chovanec


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