Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Billion dollar accounting error pushes back 349 contract date

TxDOT Answers Questions About "La Entrada"


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Motran is the "Midland Odessa Transportation Alliance," where they work together to get the best highways they can for the region.

TxDOT was set to let the contract on the third and final phase of the 349 reliever route next month.

Now they've moved it back to December, and Motran says they might keep moving it until it falls off the stove.

Last month, a special audit found TxDOT a billion dollars short.

Turns out they had included as current revenue, money they expected to receive in the future from the Trans-Texas Corridor, which has been shelved.

Then they said they didn't have enough money to go ahead with some projects this fiscal year, which started Monday.

James Beauchamp, MOTRAN Executive Director says “Part of that's being taken care of by some of the one point five billion dollar bonding authority they have been asked to use by the Governor, the Lt Governor and the Speaker of the House. But at the end of the day, we're not sure that will cover our project or not.”

TxDOT says they had reported the accounting error before it was found in the audit.

And they have no intention of halting a project that is already underway, and the reliever still on the front burner.

The first two lanes of the road will be finished in late 2010.

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