Thursday, November 13, 2008

"This advisory committee does not support the TTC concept."

Committee Slams Trans Texas Corridor Project


By Kim Wynne
KXXV-TV (Waco - Killeen - Temple)
Copyright 2008

An advisory group appointed by the Texas Transportation Commission will release a 25 page report Friday, calling the Trans-Texas corridor a bad idea.

The commitee made up of business leaders, land owners, and transportation experts wrote that the corridor project was, "a one-size fits all' approach to solving Texas' transportation problems.

On page four of the report, the group wrote, "This advisory committee does not support the TTC concept. Instead we recommend a more inclusive solution that respects local communities and private property rights while addressing statewide and local transportation needs."

The controversial corridor plan would have bought or seized farm property, which angered landowners.

"The price of the corridor is too high in dollars and property rights," said Texas Farm Bureau spokeman Gene Hall.

Hall said that farmers recognized the need to build better roads but suggested that the state "use existing rights of way whenever possible."

The report also recommended that rail lines be added or expanded, adding that whatever changes made to the existing interstate be "transparent" to the public.

Chairman of the advisory committee, Tim Brown, said that the report doesn't mean the idea has been accepted or rejected, calling it just a recommendation.

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